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COVID-19 vaccines save lives. Get your COVID-19 vaccine and be a protector, too.


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Are you hesitant about getting a COVID-19 vaccine? It’s okay to be cautious when it comes to your health. These local residents were unsure about the COVID-19 vaccines, too, but ultimately made the choice to get vaccinated. Watch their videos to hear their stories and to see what changed their minds.

Juan Constantino on Protecting Our Community from COVID-19

Juan Constantino, Executive Director of La Casa de Amistad, contracted COVID-19 in 2020 and unknowingly exposed his family. Hear his story about his family getting sick, how he advocated for them to get vaccinated, and how getting your COVID-19 vaccine is a service to the whole community.

Evelyn’s Story

Evelyn didn’t think she needed a vaccine because she is young and healthy. But after she contracted COVID-19 and had to isolate from her young son, she decided to reevaluate.

Dr. Bethany Wait: Protecting Yourself with the COVID-19 Vaccine

Dr. Bethany Wait knows firsthand how serious a COVID-19 infection can be. In April of 2020, she spent two weeks in the ICU from a COVID-19 infection. Listen as she shares her story and explain the importance of getting your COVID-19 vaccines and booster shots.

Canneth’s Story

Councilman and Pastor Canneth Lee was knocked down by COVID-19 in the middle of a family tragedy. Never wanting to be that sick again, he publicly got his COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it became available. He shares why he chose to get vaccinated and why he’s encouraging fellow community members to step up and get their COVID-19 vaccines as well.

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